Whether you’re an early riser or a lover of the snooze button, every morning should
start with a beauty routine that makes your skin look and feel gorgeous hair care products. A good
morning skin care routine prepares the skin for the day ahead by ensuring your
products work in synergy with one another, rather than fighting against each other.
Getting this right can mean the difference between glowing, healthy-looking skin
and a face that looks tired, dull and unhealthy.

There are many different ways to do your morning skin care routine, but the key is
to be consistent and stick with it. This will ensure your routine becomes a habit, and
your skin gets used to it, so it can absorb the products correctly and effectively. It’s
also important to remember that the order in which you apply your products
matters. Putting heavier creams and moisturizers on before lighter serums can block
your pores, stopping them from being fully absorbed and allowing them to function
as a barrier against environmental stressors.
The first step of any good morning skincare routine should be cleansing. This wakes
up sleepy skin, removes excess oil secreted overnight and helps to prevent blocked
pores and breakouts in the future. Choose a cleanser that works for your skin type.
For example, if you have oily skin try a foaming cleanser like Simple Kind to Skin
Moisturising Facial Wash which gently removes dirt and oil without stripping the skin
of its natural oils. Or, if you prefer a quick and easy clean with no need for rinsing,
opt for a micellar water such as Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Cleansing Water which
cleanses, tones and refreshes in just one step.

After cleansing, a toner can help to rebalance the skin and trap moisture into the
pores to prevent them from evaporating. It’s a good idea to pick a toner designed
for your skin type, and toners with added antioxidants, such as vitamin C or
hyaluronic acid, can be extra beneficial for the skin. A face mist is also a great way
to add hydration and to refresh the skin.
The next step is a light serum or lightweight moisturiser. This can be a light vitamin
C serum to boost the skin’s defences against UV damage, or an anti-aging
moisturiser containing active ingredients such as retinol or peptides. Both hyaluronic
acid and peptides are proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
over time, so this is a good opportunity to use them if you’re concerned about
premature aging.
For moisturisers to work at their best, it’s a good idea to apply them within a few
minutes of stepping out of the shower. This helps the skin to lock in and retain
moisture, and a moisturiser with an SPF is always a good idea for daily protection
against UVA/UVB rays.
Last but not least, a sunscreen is the last step of any good morning skincare routine,
and it’s especially important to use one with added antioxidants and/or SPF in the
summer when UV exposure increases. Apply a light tinted mineral sunscreen such as
Eryfotona Actinica to give the skin a natural-looking, radiant finish and to prevent
sun spots over time.